Integr8 selects Morley-IAS to protect thousands at Liverpool Street and Euston station

1st March 2015

Robust, multi-protocol ZX5Se panels used to expand fire safety solution beyond original station footprint and incorporate requirements of retail units, protecting staff and public users.

London’s Liverpool Street and Euston Stations are now equipped with newly-installed Morley-IAS control panels, upgrading the capacity and coverage of the existing fire safety systems and providing centralised monitoring and alert management.

With over 63 million passenger entries and exits in 2012-13 [ORR], London Liverpool Street is one of the busiest railway stations in the United Kingdom. It is one of 19 UK stations managed directly by Network Rail and has 18 platforms. Liverpool Street’s new fire safety system comprises six networked Morley-IAS ZX5Se control panels and repeater panels and supports 16,000 addressable devices, providing comprehensive protection across the site, including the ground floor shops.

Also managed by Network Rail, Euston has catering units and shops, a large ticket hall and an enclosed car park with over 200 spaces. At this station, the fire safety solution comprises 11 networked Morley-IAS ZX5Se control panels and repeater panels linked to 17,000 devices.

Designed and installed in two separate projects undertaken over a three-month period, the fire safety systems at both sites conform to safety standards and provide coverage across all areas where people are working and circulating. This includes platforms, shops, ticketing areas, public conveniences, staff areas, loading bays and service areas, as well as offices that are let to contractors and other third-parties.  

Information about key aspects of the solution such as pumps and tanks is relayed back to the master panel and viewed centrally via a graphic interface on a live display in the control room. The solution pinpoints the precise location of the alarms with a built-in delay time of ten minutes, so that live situations can be tracked and investigated, avoiding unnecessary disruption due to false alarms. If a second device is activated during this period or staff do not cancel the alert, the system automatically accelerates it to an evacuation.

Designed and installed by London-based, LPCB-accredited Integr8 Ltd (formerly Kingfell Engineering Ltd), the life safety system is configured to trigger the Public Alarm Voice Alarm (PAVA) system for voice messages as well as a series of coded alert messages and evacuation messages. It also comprises external displays at station entrances and exits, to warn people who are approaching the building not to enter in the event of a public safety incident.

“Since the original Morley-IAS panels were fitted in the mid-1990s as part of the London Station improvement programme, both stations have changed a great deal,” says Steve Hitchings, Technical Director, Integr8. “This has created a need to upgrade the panels so they are able to manage devices in areas of the stations that were not part of the original footprint. The flexibility offered by the open Protocol ZX5Se made them the right choice for these extensive and important projects.”           

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