Morley-IAS by Honeywell Helps Preserve Scotlandís National Heritage

2nd July 2009

ZXSe fire safety panels provide state-of-the-art protection for unique and irreplaceable historical documents and other artefacts at Highland Archive and Registration Centre and Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre.

The preservation of the Scottish Highlands' unique heritage is in safe hands, thanks to the latest Morley-IAS by Honeywell-based fire safety systems designed for the Highland Archive and Registration Centre and nearby Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre, in Inverness.

The new £10.5m multi-purpose Highland Archive and Registration Centre is due to open in October 2009. It will include ceremony rooms, an exhibition area, a conservation studio, a Family History Centre and an environmentally controlled repository for the preservation of manuscripts and documents relating to the Scottish Highlands. Installation of the 5-loop ZXSe fire control panel by Morley-IAS accredited distributor, BAR-TEC Fire and Security is already underway. "The latest modular Morley-IAS panels are ideally-suited for public buildings such as the new Archive Centre," says BAR-TEC general manager, Phil Barclay. "The panels' intuitive controls are easy for non-technical security staff to understand and use. Morley's design flexibility has also allowed us to meet all the architect's demands in siting the control panel."

The fire safety solution includes a Morley-IAS PAVA system, which ensures phased evacuation in the event of an incident. In meeting the Archive Centre's obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act, the Morley-based system also incorporates a disabled refuge facility. This emergency telephone system allows wheelchair users and others with physical disabilities to communicate directly with the premises' fire control centre. BAR-TEC's installation and maintenance contract with the Highlands Council follows another successful Morley-IAS installation at the new Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre. The ZX2e-based system also had to meet strict criteria to ensure it fitted in with the overall building design and has been trouble-free since the building was opened to the public. Alexander Bennett, Culloden project co-ordinator for the Visitor Centre says: "The Morley fire safety solution is backed up with first-class support from BAR-TEC. As a result, we have complete confidence that our priceless heritage is supported by the very best in modern fire safety protection."