Morley-IAS by Honeywell provides full fire safety protection for Birmingham City Council

11th November 2011

Adept Security installs ZXSe-based solution as part of £24 million office refurbishment programme at 1 Lancaster Circus

A Morley-IAS based fire safety system has formed a key part of the complete refurbishment programme at Birmingham City Council's offices at 1 Lancaster Circus, which has recently been completed.

Morley-IAS design and implementation partner, Adept Security Systems successfully tendered for the project with principal M&E contractor, Dodd Group. The company subsequently completed the phased implementation and commissioning in line with the revised schedule, reduced from an original 93 week programme to just 68 weeks.

The five-storey office block houses a number of Council Directorates. The latest redevelopment forms part of the Council's ‘Working for the Future' programme, designed to incorporate more sustainable building design and create a better working environment for its staff.

"In response, the agreed fire safety solution, which incorporates four networked ZX5Se panels supporting more than 2,500 addressable devices, provides the ideal level of flexibility required to enable the Council to adapt easily to changing requirements moving forward," confirms John Plumpton, managing director, Adept Security.

"At the same time, the ZX5Se-based solution has also met the requirement for backwards compatibility, to ensure full fire safety protection throughout each phase of the improvement programme. Similarly, Morley-IAS's open protocol design strategy offers the flexibility demanded in the provision of future maintenance and service support."

Another key part of the solution has been the implementation of the latest Morley-IAS Visualeyez graphics software package, which provides full visibility of the fire safety system from a central terminal. "This immediately pinpoints the exact location of any device in alarm and so enables security staff and the emergency services to effect a fast and efficient response," says Plumpton.

"Overall, the installation at Birmingham City Council highlights the strength of Morley-IAS in providing fire safety systems which combine the adaptability to meet a range of needs within a large, complex implementation with the proven reliability of a tried and tested solution," believes Keith Minster, sales manager UK & Ireland, Morley-IAS.