Morley-IAS by Honeywell to provide A-Level fire protection for new Cumbrian Academies

8th August 2011

ZXSe fire alarm systems incorporate sophisticated cause and effect matrix to ensure rapid, controlled evacuation.

Richard Rose Morton Academy in Carlisle, which moved into a brand-new building in September 2011 as part of a £24 million development, has incorporated a Morley-IAS by Honeywell solution to provide the very latest in fire protection.

Morley-IAS partner, Converged Solutions Ltd has installed a Morley-IAS system with networked ZX5Se and ZX1Se control panels together with System Sensor optical detectors, multisense detectors and infra-red beam detectors using reflective mirrors. In addition, the atrium and theatre areas are protected by an aspiration system linked to the main Morley-IAS panel. The purpose-built building provides a wide range of facilities for its students aged 7 to 18, including flexible classroom spaces, advanced ICT suites, laboratories and workshops with industrial- standard equipment and multi-functional halls for assemblies, lectures and conferences. The Morley/System Sensor system has proved its ability to reduce false alarms in coping admirably with the harsh environment of laboratories and workshops.

The main Morley-system interfaces with the school's IP access control, IP CCTV, ICT Data network, intruder alarm and disabled refuge intercom functions, which are also designed, installed and managed by Converged Systems. This means that all relevant plant and equipment can be automatically controlled in the event of an emergency as part of a fully-integrated response.

Cause and effect

The new building includes lift and stair access to the roof area, which incorporates a viewing platform, weather station and teaching facilities. The fire safety solution comprises audible and visual warning devices and a comprehensive cause and effect matrix to enable rapid and controlled phased evacuation in the event of a fire related incident.
The system operates a two-stage response. If a sensor is activated, as part of the first-stage alarm, the roof space is automatically evacuated while the source is investigated to establish whether it is a genuine or un-wanted alarm. After a three-minute search period, the first and second floors are then evacuated as part of the second-stage response.

"In our experience, the ZXSe panels are both highly cost-effective and robust," says Paul Parkes, Business Development Manager at Converged Solutions. "In addition, the flexibility of Morley-IAS equipment to enable a tailored cause and effect response, together with the ability to link seamlessly with other building systems makes it the ideal choice in protecting multi-purpose education environments."

As a result of the success of Converged Solutions and Morley-IAS in this area, work will soon be underway to install a similar ZXSe system in the new West Lakes Academy in Egremont, West Cumbria, currently under construction and due to open in September 2012.