OSID Open Area Detection

OSID provides reliable, cost-effective smoke detection for open spaces where fire detection presents unique challenges and where very early warning is not always the priority.

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OSID Imager

OSI-10 Imager 8 degree FOV OSI-90 Imager 80 degree FOV

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OSID Emitter

OSE-SP-01 Emitter battery powered OSE-HP-01 Emitter high power battery OSE-SPW Emitter wired 24Vdc OSE-HPW Emitter high power wired 24Vdc

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OSID Wire Guard

This steel cage is designed to protect OSID Imagers and Emitters from vandalism and accidental damage.

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OSID Environmental Housing

Custom designed IP 66, NEMA 4-4X protective and environmental housings

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OSID Light Shield Imager

OSI-LS light shield is available for Imagers to prevent saturation from direct or reflected light.

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OSID Anti-Condensation Film

OSID Emitters are equipped with an acrylic lens and are not normally prone to condensation. However in some extremely moist environments, the Emitter lens can be fitted with an anti-condensation film.