fateHoneywell Morley-IAS offers a wide range of product training and other educational services to help our customers meet the challenges they face in ensuring the highest levels of fire safety.

CDP accredited materials are Continuing Professional Development, some details of which are shown below. If you are interested in any of these topics please register your interest by clicking the link.

These complimentary seminars can be arranged at a time and place to suit you.
All CPD seminars have been officially certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service.

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Taming the Li-Ion - Designers Guide to Lithium Ion battery off gas detection (1 hour )

This presentation details the risks associated with the growing use of Lithium Ion battery technology and how best to detect the threat to life and property 

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An Overview of BS5839 part1 (1 hour)

This presentation is an overview of the revised British standard BS 5839-1: 2017. It is aimed at advising any professional party involved in providing a system, with advice on what is required in each step of the process, as well as explaining to the end user and their service provider what their ongoing responsibilities are during the life of the system.

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Understanding the Cost of Fire (1 hour)

This presentation looks at the case study of a fatal fire incident that took place at the RosePark care home in Lanarkshire on 31st January 2004. It provides an overview of the findings of a fatal accident enquiry and is designed to highlight some of the potential risks presented by buildings of this type and what can be done to mitigate those risks in order to help prevent future incidents of this type.

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Detector selection and false alarm prevention (1 hour)

This presentation contains guidelines for improving alarm system design. It shows how it is possible to strike a balance between detecting real fires quickly whilst minimising the risk of false alarms. This is not a new issue but has become more sensitive in light of new legislation which has seen Fire Authorities reducing the level of response depending upon the number of false alarms from individual sites.

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A guide to service and maintenance (1 hour)

This CPD reminds all building owners and occupiers why it is important, under current legislation, that your building's fire detection system is properly maintained. It reviews the responsibilities of the owner / occupier and of the service provider towards protecting employees, visitors, property and importantly, your business.

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Application and design of central power supply systems (1 hour)

This seminar is a guide providing information on designing emergency lighting central power supply systems and explains the advantages and disadvantages of different types of batteries along with AC sine wave inverters and DC Systems. The CPD also provides information on the components, wiring and testing requirements that should be carried out in accordance to BSEN50171.

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Optimising Early Stage Smoke Detection (1 hour)

To provide a clear understanding of how early stage smoke detection can be optimised through advanced aspiration technology and 3D design tools. The presentation explains how new technologies and advanced solution design can deliver enhanced, EN54-20 compliant early stage smoke detection in challenging environments with exceptional levels of accuracy and reliability.

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Public Address and Voice Alarm PA/VA Systems (1 hour)

This presentation aims to give an awareness of the requirements of the British Standard BS 5839 Part 8: 2013 to someone who is new to the task of providing a Voice Alarm system. It explains the benefit of having voice alarm messages, as opposed to simple alarm sounders. It will also provide some advice on what to consider when designing a system, identifying some of the problems and their solutions especially with regard to audibility and intelligibility.

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