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Frequently Asked Questions


Program ok --- config ram fail, why?


This occurs when exiting the commisioning menu incorrectly. The correct method for exiting the commissioning menu is as follows:





When exiting the commissioning menu you must select 3 for NORMAL OPERATION first. This will bring up the prompt “DO NOT FORGET TO LOCK THE MEMORY”. You must then open the panel door and close the memory lock switch before selecting 3 again to exit the commission menu.


Input/Output units do not operate following fire activation, why?


The failure of an I/O unit to operate in a fire condition is potentially serious.

During programming, when defining the device type you are asked the question “OPERATION ON EVAC? - Y/N”. If you answer YES to this question then the I/O unit will operate in exactly the same way as if you had defined the I/O as a sounder. The result, is that when a test is carried out and the sounders have been isolated in order to perform the test, any I/O units that have been programmed in this way will also be isolated.

The operation of the “SOUND ALARMS” switch in the front of the panel will only operate outputs that have been defined as sounders. Therefore I/O units will not operate when the “SOUND ALARMS” switch is operated unless you answered YES when defining the I/O unit during programming.


I fitted a 4way sounder card to port “D” and it does not work, why?


Firstly ensure that an AUTOLEARN has been performed. The LCD display will confirm that the 4 way sounder card has been found by the control panel. You will also need to be sure that the sounder card, fitted on the peripheral bus via port “D” has been provided with sufficient power to drive the internal circuitry of the card, as well as the power consumed by the sounders connected to the card. Utilising the 24vDC auxiliary output within the control panel to drive the card may not acceptable, as this output is limited to a maximum of 340mA. A separate boxed 24vDC power supply unit, c/w stand-by batteries should be provided.

Our 3 Amp sounder booster unit (795-016) is ideal for mounting the 4 way sounder card (795-004-001) and provides space for batteries as well.


Autolearn will not accept any devices, why?


The default setting for the ZX range of control panels is Apollo. If the device protocol utilised is not Apollo you must firstly ensure that the jumper on the base card is fitted in the correct position. The jumper is located on the bottom right hand corner of the base card. For the ZX1 and ZXa control panels the jumper switch is marked as follows:

A for Apollo and Hochiki protocols.

B for Morley-IAS, Nittan and System Sensor protocols.

Additionally you are required to go into SETUP.





Once entering SETUP, the protocol of the loop driver card fitted will automatically be registered by the control panel and ask you to accept YES? if it is correct. Once Yes has been selected you will then be asked to enter the number of loop cards fitted to the panel.


Graphics software fails to load, why?


The software package provided comes with a file called “SAMPLE”. Running the software and opening this file successfully proves that all the files that are needed to run the graphics are installed correctly. If the above does not run then you will need to re-install the graphics software. You must also ensure that the project file that you have created is stored correctly and that the stored file is saved in the correct format i.e. not as a “read only” file. To check the saved format, go to the project file that you have created and click on “File”, “Properties” and uncheck all boxes in attributes. Finally ensure that you have selected the correct project file. This can be confirmed by opening the SETUP program. Under the section Project Files check that the project file you have created and saved is selected.