Adding a new Dimension to Crocodilopolis

1st March 2004

The Morley-IAS distributor in Egypt, Heliotech, has won the contract to provide the fire protection systems for the latest round of antiquity warehouse construction, installing the new Dimension series 2-loop and 4-loop addressable fire panels to give 21st century protection to 6000 year old treasures.

Only launched at Fire Expo 2003, the Dimension range of control panels are already proving to be an industry favourite because of their combination of advanced technology, multi-protocol support, simple installation, easy commissioning and stable and reliable operation. Dimension's built-in compatibility with the leading detector manufacturers' protocols such as Apollo Xplorer, XP95 and Discovery, Hochiki ESP, System Sensor Europe and Morley-IAS, allows fire engineering companies unparalleled freedom of choice when specifying their system components.

Egypt contains about 60% of the world's known monuments and antiquities, of which only a small fraction can be on display in museums at any one time. Priceless and irreplaceable, the antiquities, in some cases dating back to 4000BC, are stored in purpose-designed warehouses located throughout the entire area; a rolling programme of new warehouse construction is in hand to provide secure storage for the ever-increasing number of items discovered as archaeological investigations continue. Many of the relics are statues of Sobek, who symbolised the might of the Pharaohs. Normally depicted as a crocodile or in human form with the head of a crocodile, crowned by a pair of plumes, Sobek was widely worshipped.

Heliotech have installed and commissioned half the systems from the first round of new build in locations as far apart as Aswan, one of the centres of the Sobek cult in the south, known to the Greeks as Crocodilopolis, and Marsa Matrouh, close to the Libyan border on the Mediterranean coast.