International Fire Protection Publish Morley-IAS by Honeywell's Keith Minster

3rd June 2011

A growing trend in today's economy, this article looks at refurbishment of existing fire alarm systems in public buildings.

Entitled 'Fire Protection in Public Buildings', UK & Ireland Business Manager, Keith Minster's experience and knowledge of integrating with existing systems gives great insight into the complex issues that often arise in these projects.  Morley-IAS products are a perfect match for these projects, being a multi-protocol system provider.

"The continuing tough economic global landscape continues to put pressure on capital building programmes in both the public and private sectors.  One outcome of this has been a switch in focus in many cases to refurbishing and upgrading existing premises where the additional outlay for a complete rebuild or replacement cannot be justified..."

To see the article in full see page 23 in this month's edition of International Fire Protection.