Making the right ConneXion™

30th August 2011

Latest Morley-IAS by Honeywell fire alarm control panel leads the field with new modern look, ease of use and faster installation.

A networkable panel that represents a significant improvement over the previous DX range - providing an easy upgrade path, third-party protocol support and future remote connectivity.

In what is the company's most important product development initiative in many years, Morley-IAS by Honeywell has launched a new DX ConneXionTM range of networkable fire alarm panels that will be available to purchase from the 3rd October 2011.

In direct response to customer feedback, the new Connexion range incorporates a number of important enhancements over the Dimension panel that it replaces. "Much of the success of Morley-IAS over its outstanding 25+ year history has been the company's willingness to listen and respond to customers' changing needs," believes Keith Minster, business manager, UK and Ireland.

"As a result of our latest ‘Voice of the Customer' surveys, we recognised the need to improve both the look and feel of the panel, by simplifying the way in which it is initially installed, configured and used over its lifetime. Building on the success of the tried and trusted Dimension range therefore, the Connexion panel offers an uncomplicated yet professional look that will blend into any environment and give the right impression."

Easy to install...

The new Connexion panel incorporates the following advanced functionality:

• Fast-track set-up leaves the installer with a working system after just five button presses
• Optional true peer-to-peer, fault tolerant redundant network
• Modular concept, allowing zone expansion, key switch, larger batteries and other options
• EN54-compliant network supports up to 16 loops, using any combination of one, two or four loop panels
• PC tool simplifies text entry through the ability to import text from M/S Excel spread sheet
• Support for three industry-leading device protocols - Apollo, Hochiki and System Sensor - within one product
• Fully backward-compatible: the PC tool can also download and convert an existing DX configuration and upload into a Connexion panel, enabling easy upgrade or retrofit applications
• Up to 80 zones stand-alone or as part of a network
• Third-party protocol support via RS232/485 interface and connection to Visualeyez alarm management system
• Provides the option to upload a company logo

...and easy to use

• A mobile phone-style keypad and navigation keys makes text input at the panel more intuitive, with end-user keys in one logical group
• Pictorial instruction button logos ensure easy identification and navigation
• Simple to use and understand on-screen end-user instructions, including ‘are you sure?' confirmation prompt before taking evacuation or other action
• Memory unlock without opening the panel door

Looking ahead

As part of the upgrade philosophy of the new range, the Connexion panel is ideally suited for straightforward or cost-sensitive projects.

A second phase release is also planned which will incorporate a plug-in performance upgrade including, for example, multi-domain network capability, and improved feature set.

"The exciting new DX Connexion range brings together the traditional Morley-IAS qualities of reliability, flexibility and value with advanced features and highly intuitive functionality within an aesthetically pleasing design," confirms Minster.

"As a result, it is ideally designed for electrical contractors, smaller fire companies and distributors looking for a panel that can be installed quickly and simply, with an easy upgrade path. Equally, its intuitive, easy-to-use functionality is the perfect answer in ensuring maximum protection for environments involving a fast turnover of security staff or who may have limited knowledge or training on the fire safety system, at the same time giving the end user flexibility in choice of service provider."