Following the successful release of our Voice Alarm product range we have enhanced the offering.

7th July 2012

Now with a comprehensive range of ceiling, wall mounted, horn and sound projector speakers approved to BS EN54- part 24.

The Xpression range of speakers deliver even sound distribution in any type of building and are suitable for new or refurbished applications.

All Morley-IAS loudspeakers have built-in protection to ensure that any damage to the loudspeakers does not result in a failure of the loudspeaker circuit, so the integrity of the system is maintained for alert or instruction messages to still be delivered from loudspeakers on the same circuit in other areas. This ensures full compliance to BS5839 part 8.

The loudspeakers are easily installed using the mounting spring on the unit, and the fire dome then slides into place. The unique flying lead wiring arrangement in our loudspeakers makes their installation very easy. The loudspeakers are equipped with ceramic terminal blocks, a thermal fuse and heat resistant, high temperature wiring to comply with EN54 part 24.

Our PAVA offer has also been improved with a direct drive amplifier and two new digital output modules providing a flexible architecture to deliver an advanced voice alarm and public address system suitable for a wide range of

This is a scalable, modular system certified to EN54-16 that suits any building size and the flexible paging and voice alarm supports both simple and the most complex communication needs.

This new enhanced PAVA and speaker range integrates seemlessly with Morley-IAS fire panels providing a complete solution for your project.

For more information please see datasheet M303-XVA on the Voice Alarm product page or contact your local business manager.