Audible Visual Devices: Intelligent Detector Base Sounder Strobe (VAD) EN54-23 C - Category Premium and Standard Options

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Honeywell Morley-IAS’s Detector Base Sounder Strobe (VAD) is a modular, high-output loop powered device intended to alert building occupants of a potential fire. The device is available in two variants - premium and standard options. Approved to EN54-3, EN54-17, EN54-23, it enables a complete, fully compliant and cost-effective fire alarm system by reducing installation and commissioning costs through fewer wiring points.

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Morley protocol 

Standard: MI-BRS-PC-I 

Premium:  MI-BRH-PC-I


System Sensor Protocol:

Standard: BRS-PC-I00

Premium: BRH-PC-I00