Call Points: Surface call point with 470 Ohm resistor and N.O. contact.

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Indoor call point with NO contact and 470R monitored contact. Supplied with surface mounting backbox and resettable element.

A simple modular design introduces plug-in terminations
to the MCP series installation process. First fix installation
permits all field wiring to be terminated to the plug,
whilst the fascia element and lid are kept out of harms
way. To help the installer further, a simple loop continuity
device is included to aid checking of loop wiring before
connection to the MCP and the fire alarm system. This
new, standard, conventional, break glass offers both clean
and monitored contacts in the same housing.

Click here to download KAC datasheet (Ref: MCP/Red Version/ MCP1)

- Plug-in terminations
- Improved aesthetics
- Monitored or clean contacts
- Anti-tamper features
- Interchangeable glass or re-settable elements