Emergency Voice Communication System: Outstation - Type A

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The Type A outstation is a monitored phone handset providing full duplex speech capability.

The unit is available as a surface mounting or flush mounting unit cased in a metal wall mounting enclosure. The surface mounted outstation is also available as a lock door option.

The Type A Outstation is a slick compact unit which offers easy access via a magnetic push catch door and a unique front levelling system allowing the back box to be mounted at a slight angle whilst still retaining a true front face and door. Available in red and Stainless Steel.


EVCS-HSP Surface Outstation, Push Door, Type A (Red)

EVCS-HFP Flush Outstation Push Door, Type A (Red)

EVCS-HSPSS Surface Outstation Push Door, Type A (Stainless Steel)

EVCS-HSFSS Flush Outstation Push Door, Type A (Stainless Steel)

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